Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress by Kahindo
Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress by Kahindo
Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress by Kahindo


Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress by Kahindo

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Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress (Pre-Order) by Kahindo

Step into the world of empowered elegance with our Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress—a testament to audacious style and timeless grace. Crafted for the woman who embraces life's dance, this dress effortlessly transitions from casual brunch gatherings to captivating rooftop soirées.

  • Extravagantly elegant, the flowing skirt of the dress adds a mesmerising movement to your every step, cut from an orange Satin fabric (100% Bamboo).
  • The sophisticated collar and sleeves exude refinement, while the fitted body and cinched waist with hidden pockets make a bold statement, harmonising with the flowing skirt for a captivating silhouette.
  • The two-ended zip detail allows you to tailor the slit height and v-neck, giving you the power to adjust your look with ease. It's a dress that not only adorns your form but also adapts to your mood and the occasion.
  • Model is 5’10” and wears a size Small.

Designed for those who dance through life, the Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress is a fusion of empowerment and elegance that defines your distinctive style. Elevate your wardrobe, embrace the beauty of the Bokaap Orange Bamboo Dress, and make every step a statement of unrivalled sophistication.



Kahindo Mateene

KAHINDO is a socially responsible womenswear brand that creates wearable art featuring bold colors and custom prints inspired by the designer’s Congolese heritage, African upbringing and globe-trotting travels. Designed in New York City and produced by female artisans in Africa using fair trade practices, KAHINDO’s statement-making—yet timeless—silhouettes are made to empower the modern woman while having a social impact.