What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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Love is in the air and wedding season is upon us this summer. Don’t know what to wear? Embrace the summer heat and do not fret for we have got you covered.With the warmth of the summer sun embracing each celebration paired with a sunkiss glow your look can be complete with a summer wedding guest dress found at HerStory. Tailored exclusively for female guest we can assist any summer wedding look. From a destination wedding to the immaculate vibes of  a sophisticated Black Tie wedding to a whimiscial Garden Party, HerStory can provide a summer wedding guest dress for any occasion.


HerStory strives to empower and connect like-minded women through partnering with a network of 200 + brands and 300k artisans who cultivate unique luxury goods. Let us help you achieve a flawless summer wedding guest outfit that will have you looking chic.

Beach Wedding Guest Dress

With a laid back, but elegant atmosphere a beach wedding is the perfect place to embrace light and airy fabrics. While this may seem like a daunting task, do not be afraid, HerStory has all the necessities you will need to assemble an effortlessly chic beach wedding guest dress. Flowy maxi dresses are simply the epitome of a relaxed, but classic beach wedding guest dress.

Leonie Printed Gauze Dress

The Leonie Printed Gauze Dress by Miguelina features a Cilantro print. Created with generations of traditional craftsmanship, the Leonie printed gauze dress is  finely made with 100% cotton in South America. With a delicate balance of seaside practicality and effortless elegance, it is an excellent choice for a summer beach wedding dress. Not to mention, the Leonie Printed Gauze dress flowing in the summer breeze will reflect a whimsical beach wedding guest look.

Green silk dress with yellow buttons and yellow straps

The Lorr Midi Marassa by Fanm Mon

As you step on the sandy shores, the Lorr Midi Marassa dress by Fanm Mon is the perfect summer wedding dress. Each Fanm Mon dress is handmade by women in Turkey with a selection of 8 different colors. The Lorr Midi Marassa in light lagoon exudes a beach chic vibe. Not only does this dress embrace the warm hues of the summer sun, but pairs exquisitely next to the glistening blue ocean.

linen blue strapless wedding guest dress

Black Tie Wedding Guest Dress

In need of a black tie summer wedding dress? We have got you covered for such a thrilling occasion. Celebrate in style and enjoy a night of glamour and elegance in one of our stylish dresses. With our guidance, we will ensure you look effortlessly sophisticated for a night of formality and festivity. Embrace a little black cocktail dress or make a statement and opt for a vivid green for a classic wedding guest look. You will be the talk of the party with a timeless and elegant look for the night.

The Diana Dress by Floraison


The Diana Dress by Floraison just may be that little black dress that you have been in need of. Cocktail hour is calling your name and cocktail attire is your game. Floraison dresses are designed to inspire and embrace femininity and strength. This modern vintage apparel will provide a refined stylish look that will have you dancing the night away. The simplicity of the dress is adorned with an exquisite bow that is just the right touch to a polished look ready for any summer wedding with a cocktail attire. Paired with statement accessories, you will be prepared for the elegant occasion.

Blue swimsuit with white bow straps

Marbella Silk Dress by Hess

Elevate your cocktail attire as a wedding guest with the green Marbella silk dress by Hess. Expressing your personal style is essential to feel confident and chic at any event and a wedding is no exception. The midi dress exudes a timeless elegance and paired with the right accesories you will have a complete enchanting wedding guest look. Adhering to the summer cocktail dresscode doesn’t have to be boring with a vibrant emerald hue of the Marbella silk dress. The Hess brand is a conscious luxury brand that constructs timeless yet modern dresses made to celebrate. With a Brazilian aesthetic, these dresses produce a sharp black tie wedding guest look.

Versatile white top with bows

Garden Party Wedding Guest Dress

An enchanting wedding is upon you with a garden party attire. We have the best dress options for you. In a whimsical setting, we are fit to dress you accordingly and help choose the perfect outfit for a beautiful evening. Embrace the florals for a fashionable statement and a romantic feminine look. Blush pinks, mint green, lavender or even sky blue are all in style to harmonize with nature for an intimate evening in the setting of a beautiful garden. Delicate accessories paired with your elegant dress can enhance your look for a casual, but whimsical outfit for the night.

The Elizabeth dress by Floraison

The Elizabeth dress by Floraison features a square neckline with modern vintage charm big bow detail on the shoulders. The Floraison dress is garden inspired and is the perfect attire for a backyard wedding. Comfortable and chic, the dress belongs in a beautiful garden on a summer evening. Its light and airy material could not be more perfect for an evening in the heat of the summer. Its dreamy colors complement the natural beauty of the garden at the summer wedding. Opting for the the Elizabeth dress will make your look stylish yet practical and will have you looking like a picture of beauty and grace.

garden print cotton wedding guest dress with bow straps

Meliza Manmmzel dress by Fanm Mon

The Meliza Manmmzel dress by Fanm Mon is offered in an assortment of colors. It is the perfect dress for an outdoor summer wedding. Whether it be a casual garden or backyard style wedding the Meliza Manmmzel dress will complete your look for the evening. The dress features a sleeveless open back with a gorgeous balloon skirt. The dress is fabulous in the shade of baltic sea that will leave you the talk of the party. Allow your outfit to enhance the enchantment of the setting of the garden and magic of the night. The intricate embroidery offers a subtle dainty element to the summer wedding guest dress.

linen scoop neck blue dress
Best Accessories to Complete the Look

Take your wedding guest look to the next level. There are plenty of accesories to go around. HerStory will help elevate your look with a simple touch from earrings to bracelets,let us guide you in what to wear to that summer wedding your attending that’s right around the corner. The simplicity of gold jewelry can add a touch of elegance to any wedding look. Choose a statement piece of jewelry to pair with your wedding guest outfit for a complete look.

Think your missing something? Shop our collection of Mignonne Gavigan for a finished touch of glamour to yor wedding apparel. No dress is complete with out a hint of bling. The warm tones of  the Elena Lux gold earrings will bring a summer glow to any evening. Opt for a fun pair of the Mignonne Gavigan Madeline earrings for a statement piece that will have heads turning when you walk into a room.

No look is complete without shoes! The Catalina mule by Alma Caso features a comfortable suede toe strap that will have you hitting the dance floor at any wedding reception. The three-tier leather accent strap is a bold but classic look. The beautiful mule handmade with fine leather  in Mexico features a baby blue hue that is a classic summer tone meant to be worn at any event.

Shop Wedding Guest Dresses Made by Women Around the Globe

Whether you are in search for accesories or a whimsical dress for a wedding occasion, HerStory provides more than just an outfit or a piece of jewelry. For each article of clothing and accessory in the Gallery, a story unravels. There is a remarkable story behind each fabric that roots back to strong women and the leadership they hold in communities around the world that inspire other women day to day.