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What to Wear in Manhattan Beach

HerStory has everything from summer sets to elegant cocktail dresses and even playful beach looks at the touch of your finger tips. Let us help you pack for your summer vacation with some of our favorite pieces. Relax and let us do the rest and ensure that you are staying stylish in this summer heat!


As a woman with a keen sense of style, Samantha Stewart, CEO, blogger, and mother has crafted the perfect travel style guide selecting her favorite articles of clothing and accessories from HerStory as she prepares to jet off to Manhattan beach for a fabulous summer vacation. Stewart aspires to inspire and educate others through her chic sense of style and love for fashion. Stewart’s blog, Style of Sam, is the perfect place to turn to for style tips and clean beauty products! With an array of experience in the world of fashion and beauty, Sam’s style guide won’t steer you wrong on what to pack for your upcoming trip to Manhatten beach this summer!

The Zanzibar dress in a light blue

Made in Europe, the Zanzibar dress in a light blue hue is Sam’s favorite pick to throw in her suitcase for Manhatten beach! The gorgeous light-weight dress is a summer essential that offers an elegant and effortless look. This dress can be worn during the day or evening in the enchanting atmosphere of Manhatten Beach. As the sun begins to set, the light blue hues of the dress paired with a sexy low back will have you looking feminine and chic. Add a touch of glam with a pair of statement earrings and with your cocktail in hand your look will be complete. The evening glow of the setting Californian sun deserves to be paired with a beautiful dress.

The Zanzibar dress by Monica Nera in light blue is well-crafted in Warsaw by a team of dedicated seamstresses who use signature eco-certified cotton. The dress features a classic halter neckline with a timeless maxi length. With an open lowback, the dress is a breathtaking showstopper that will have everyone interested in where it is from.

green maxi dress

The Llani Quilted, tie-dye set

When it is time to go play around town, Sam has selected the ultimate summer set that is calling your name! The Llani set is the fresh pop of color that you need for these summer months! This chic and modern ensemble is perfect for strolling around the town! While exploring the vibrant streets of Manhatten Beach, this set will keep you staying comfortable and stylish. The unique set offers a summer look you won’t want to miss.

The Llani quilted and dyed set was inspired by travels to India. The loungey set features a pull over style long sleeve top with a button cuff. The matching cotton dyed pants offer a relaxed feel with an elastic waist band that is perfect for throwing on after being at the beach all day or even for a day out around town!

tie-dye pull over and pants matching set

The Saladita metallic pink and gold ruffle skirt by Sanlier


Sam is ready to hit the beach and with her chic sense of style has picked the Salidita skirt to showcase a fashionable pool look. With the Saladita metallic pink and gold ruffle skirt by Sanlier, you can effortlessly enhance your pool or beach look. This not only adds a stylish touch, but is the most convenient throw on as a coverup for lunch hour! If you plan to spend most of your time by the water this chic article of clothing is one you won’t want to forget to pack! The sun is shining and its your time to make a statement into the summer months!

The Saladita metallic pink and gold ruffle skirt by Sanlier offers a beautiful asymmetrical side-wrap style that functions as a perfect throw on coverup. Made in Central America, its unique ruffle trim adds a bit of flare with every step. Elevate your swimwear on your vacation with the Saladita skirt and throw on over your swimsuit! You won’t be disappointed!

pink metallic wrap skirt

After a day in the sun its time to take a wind down, take a shower, and pour a glass of wine. With a sun kissed glow and rosy cheeks, a flowy dress is the perfect addition to your evening attire. Embrace your natural beauty with light makeup and minimal heat to that hair. Let your hair air dry in the Mexican breeze as you indulge on fresh guacamole and other delicious appetizers. Pretty jewelry with hues of gold will have you looking like a goddess as you enjoy the sunset and evening atmosphere.

Iris Rib Kaleido Print One Piece by Sanlier

With the temperature rising it is time to get into the water. The Iris rib Kaleido print one piece by Sanlier is an essential for your travels to Manhatten Beach! The one-piece was chosen by Sam as she packs for the beach and is the perfect swimsuit to bring along with you on your trip! With a beach read in hand and the Iris rib Kaleido print one piece you will be looking like the epitome of elegance. The classy swimsuit will you have turning heads!

The Iris Rib Kaliedo print one piece by Sanlier is such a flattering one-piece made in Central America. It is the definition of modern swimwear. It offers comfort and is made for both active and relaxed beach days. The one piece is made with a breathable polyamide-spandex blend that will keep you cool at the beach! The decorative belt loop accentuates any figure and is the perfect swimsuit that will offer a sexy, but sophisticated look.

geometric patterned one piece

The Venus Hat by Pajara Pinta

Sam is hitting the beach in style with the Venus hat that celebrates elegance and functionality. While providing essential sun protection, the Venus hat will offer a timeless look showcasing a wide-brimm. The Pájara Pinta hat was designed in hopes that when wearing  it you felt like Venus, the goddess of love. The Venus hat is more than a beach hat, it is a practical tool that keeps one protected from the sun’s rays while still exuding charm and style.


The Venus hat by Pájara Pinta was skillfully hand-crafted by female artisians in Nariño Columbia. Using all natural Iraca Palm and applying ancestral weaving techniques passed on through generations, the hat offers a wide brimm of protection from the beating rays of the sun and a look that will enhance your summer days spent by the water.

white palm beach hat

Drawing from the Heart: Sam's Inspirational Journey Guided by Her Mother

Samantha Stewart’s chic sense of style can and will guide you to what you need to pack when travelling to Manhatten Beach! She is such an inspiration to all women and not just as a fashion guru. Samantha though she is a blogger and CEO is also a phenomenal mother. She has two children of her own who she adopted and loves dearly and even speaks on her relationship with her own mother and how she is an inspiration to her. Samantha describes her mother as hardworking and someone who she has the utmost respect for. She finds that her mom has taught her and her siblings valuable lessons in life that include kindness, working hard, believing in God, being resourceful, and the value in being unique. While growing up with such a strong woman in her life, Sam has followed in her mother’s footsteps to become an inspiration for other readers and woman to look up to.

a women and her children walking
a woman and her children hugging

Supporting Women-led Brands around the Globe

HerStory’s mission is to support and empower women all over the world and the next generation of female leaders. Through sustainable fashion, HerStory connects like-minded women to build strong communities of women.

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