Meet the women

Molly Bray & Jessica Kenfield


While driving to a women's retreat in 2017, Molly Bray shared an idea with her sister, Jessica Kenfield, about starting a business together. Having experienced many important milestones together, they both had a strong desire to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. Molly and Jessica had always cherished their old country blocks, which had played a significant role in celebrating memorable moments and recognizing achievements within their families. Inspired by this tradition, they envisioned recreating these blocks with a classic design, user-friendly customization, and the ability to share this cherished tradition with other families. Thus, Alli+Jean was launched in 2020 with the introduction of Phraseology, a set of 16 letter blocks that could be combined to form over 350 sayings and expressions. Since then, they have expanded their product line to include Wordology, a six-block set in a wooden shadow box, as well as various add-ons such as custom blocks, themed art blocks, punctuation, blanks, and numbers. The company's mission revolves around meaningful gift-giving, and they eagerly anticipate launching new products in the future, including the upcoming "Oh Baby Blocks!" set, designed to encourage creative learning through play for young children. Every product is meticulously crafted and thoughtfully packaged, ensuring that your traditions can commence as soon as the package arrives at your doorstep. The only question that remains is: What message would you like to convey with Alli+Jean?