Meet the women

Marissa Heyl


Symbology merges artisanal fabric techniques with fashion-forward designs to create one-of-a-kind pieces that connect women in a global community. They use fashion as a platform to train and employ women artisans in India, custom designing fabrics and garment styles in the U.S. Their inclusive sizing and flattering silhouettes bring confidence to customers, while their collections feature motifs and symbols through block printing, reflecting shared cultural heritage and the brand's mission to make fair trade stylish. Founded by Marissa Heyl, Symbology celebrates the global tapestry of artistry and empowerment.

The Origin

Inspired during a research trip to India, Marissa Heyl, the founder of Symbology, witnessed the transformative power of fair trade on craftswomen. Watching Gita, a young mother of three, intricately block printing designs on a tablecloth, Marissa envisioned the birth of Symbology, where the aim is to make ethical fashion the industry standard. Symbology's unique creations celebrate global textile arts through contemporary designs, each piece sharing a tale of empowerment.