Meet the women

Marisa De Lecce and Tiffany Rivers


We wanted to bring you the swimwear of our dreams. Literally, after constantly joking about wearing our workout clothes to the pool (seriously), we decided to stop settling for less and started designing for the style and performance that fit our lives and our bodies. We turned to Hollywood's original icons — those who wanted complete coverage, highest quality and endless feminine style —for inspiration. we realized that while their joie de vivre can’t be explained, imitated or recreated, it can be inspired, ignited and harnessed in each one of us. After all, we’re born with that iconic spirit, this way of living that makes every detail, every minute, every connection a little more magical. It’s just that sometimes we forget who we are in today’s busy world. Enter Hermoza. We discovered you can get everything you want in swimwear without the luxury price tag. We’re classic (not basic) meets luxury swimwear with maximum performance and no middleman. we design each piece with your fit, lifestyle + expectations at the center of our universe so you can stay at the center of yours. In other words, we obsess so you don’t have to. and let’s be real, icons don’t always wake up feeling like icons. (that’s why we made the suits.) Slip one on + let’s make every moment magic.

The Origin

Because you want to live that iconic state of mind, too... Hermoza is ready to meet you with the next-generation, luxury performance fabrics that work + play hard (so you look and feel your best w/o the high price), with more than 60 hours spent on each piece (so you can trust this suit is made for you, no matter the occasion). Featuring exclusive slimming designs, elegant details + trompe l’oeil effects designed to flatter (so you get that statement-making perfect fit) with a timeless, iconic sophistication (so you can live your most vibrant, bold life while leaving a little mystery). Our promise: Modern investment pieces that never go out of style, no untouchable, sky-high prices, just luxury you can afford performance fabrics that look fashionable sophisticated silhouettes made to flatter all body types second-skin, luxurious feel you’ll want to live in exclusive details that make a statement effortless style that keeps pace with your full life feminine styles that work day to night, for all occasions head-turning confidence endless compliments +just enough mystery to keep them wanting more So your style is just as iconic as your spirit (+ your life).  More enduring than classic. More indelible than timeless. HERMOZA IS ICONIC.  You’re born iconic. Just like shoes don’t make the athlete, swimsuits don’t make the icon. We’re just here to put you in the mood. Ready to make your everyday a little more memorable? Suit up.