Meet the women

Kori Green and Ro Rynd


Kori Green and Ro Rynd, the visionary founders of Clearly Handbags, have been inseparable friends since their early years. Their journey as entrepreneurs began in 2018 when they decided to turn their shared love for fashion into a thriving business. Kori and Ro are not just business partners; they are two individuals deeply committed to making clear bags a fashionable and practical accessory. Their commitment to this cause goes beyond mere necessity, as they've poured their hearts into each purse design, naming them after loved ones to infuse personal significance into their creations. Clearly Handbags represents their unwavering dedication to pursuing their passions and redefining the world of fashion accessories, ensuring that every woman on the go can effortlessly incorporate style into her daily life. 

The Origin

Clearly Handbags specializes in clear purses. Established in 2018 by the dynamic duo of Kori Green and Ro Rynd, this brand represents a fusion of style and practicality. These best friends shared a deep passion for fashion and a common vision to revolutionize the world of clear bags. In an era where transparent bags are essential for accessing various college and professional athletic stadiums, from sporting events to concerts and golf tournaments, Kori and Ro saw an opportunity to make these accessories to make these necessary bags stylish. Every purse in Clearly's collection bears the names of their loved ones, demonstrating that Clearly Handbags is more than a fashion brand; it's a testament to pursuing one's passions and loving what you do. Their innovative approach to creating stylish clear handbags has made Clearly Handbags a must-have for the modern woman on the move.