Meet the women

Joanna Buchanan


Joanna Buchanan developed an unmistakable vision for luxury, color, texture and pattern not only from her 20 years in the fashion retail business but also through her Hong Kong childhood, adult years in Europe and extensive travel throughout India.

She believes that by scouring the world for experts, she is producing in the best possible countries for her collection- utilizing their specific expertise. She is proud to work with like minded small businesses in China, India and the Philippines, working with dedicated artisans and aligning on the brand's goals and ethics. These relationships are key to the success of Joanna's vision.

Joanna’s homes in New York City and Connecticut — which she shares with her husband and two children — showcase treasures picked up during her years of traveling. They epitomize her ability to curate modern colors, chic graphic patterns and eclectic home furnishings. Her garden is a huge inspiration for the natural elements in her work.