Meet the women

Jenn Hill


Jenn started her career in the fashion industry, working for over 13 years in runway, as a photography stylist and visual merchandiser. Jenn always knew her true passion was skincare and in 2019 she decided to take her passion more seriously. She has been curating her own skincare since she was a child, but more recently refined her skills through the studies of herbalism. After her studies, she was able to perfect each of her formulas giving her confidence that she is providing her clients with the best products. With her experience in the fashion industry she has created products that not only feel good, but look beautiful as well making her brand one of a kind.


Self-care is a daily, mindful ritual for Jenn and by creating ZENJENN she is able to share that with each of her clients. More recently she has been using her ritual of self-care as a way to stay balanced and grounded through motherhood. She understands the importance of having time set aside to care for yourself as well as the importance of using natural and organic products. With the help of ZENJENN, you will be able to make your self-care routine simple, versatile and mindful too!

The Origin

ZENJENN is a conscious beauty and skincare brand focused on making self-care your daily ritual. It was founded on the principles of mindfulness, herbalism and respect for mother nature. Each product is multi-purpose allowing you to be in control of your routine and know what your skin needs each and every day. Making your ritual not only about your skin, but your whole spirit.

At ZENJENN we believe in an energetic exchange between mother nature and humans, what we take we give back to her. The earth provides us so much healing through her plants, and we have a responsibility to respect and care for her in return. This is why we always source sustainably grown herbs, oils, clays and salts for our products.

Our products are always made vegan and cruelty-free. ZENJENN never uses any synthetic additives, preservatives, harsh chemicals or toxic fillers. We sell our products using minimal packaging and offer reusable glass containers so we are able to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics that go out into the world. Making your skin-care routine one less thing you have to worry about.