HerStory's guide to shopping: Why Sustainable Fashion?

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HerStory's Guide To Shopping: Why Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is one of the many buzzwords of today's new cycle. While usually coupled with its opposing counterpart, fast fashion, it is more than just a talking point in the media. It is the game changer for making the fashion industry kinder on the planet and on workers.

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What is sustainable fashion?

According to the Geneva Environment Network, sustainable fashion’s best definition is, designing and producing styles that consider environmental, social, and economic factors. And some of the standard methods for these factors include sustainable materials, promoting fair labor practices, and supporting local communities.

The benefits of shopping sustainable for your wardrobe:

While, fast fashion, according to the Geneva Environment Network, refers to manufacturing large quantities of clothes that follow trend cycles and use low quality materials. Many fast fashion houses will produce new collections every few weeks. Keeping production costs down and profits high at the expense of underpaid laborers and the environment.

So, why sustainable fashion over fast fashion?

As discussed, sustainable fashion is better for the environment and workers than fast fashion. And though many would say that they would rather buy something that helps the Earth or the workforce of underdeveloped countries, many consumers end up paying for the less expensive option, which is often the fast fashion-produced option. 

This is ok, and there is no reason to feel guilty. For example, according to Made Trade Magazine, “A sustainably created cotton t-shirt for example can cost upwards of $40 whereas a fast-fashion brand’s t-shirt often sells for less than $15.” A $25 price difference can be significant, but consumers need to factor in the “true” cost of the garment they purchase. As demonstrated in the graphic below:

Graphic of cost per wear

Our sustainable fashion choice: HESS!

We are thrilled to offer sustainably-made pieces by HESS to our customers! Not only do these pieces have a unique and stylish design, but they are made with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices, contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

We believe that by promoting and supporting sustainable fashion brands like HESS, we can help make a positive impact on the environment and create a more ethical and responsible industry. We hope that our customers share our excitement and choose to join us in this important effort. 

Hess is conscious luxury brand reimagining ancient old Indian handicrafts with a Brazilian aesthetic approach. HESS creates timeless - yet modern - silhouettes for the bright, bold and unapologetic women. 

Everything is responsibly sourced and co-created in collaboration with small family-run businesses or local organizations empowering craft communities in India.