COLORFLO Shimmer Refill For Brush by Susan Posnick

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The refill was designed to extend the life of our quality self-dispensing brush. With everyday use, this container should last 3 months versus the typical 2 you get with chemical based cream or liquid makeup, and our multipurpose product can be removed easily with a gentle cleanser or soap and water. Each refill contains the finest-milled all-natural makeup ingredients to brighten and highlight the skin and soften fine lines without settling into them. This Shimmer keeps you creaseless and glowing skin looking airbrushed. Eco-friendly innovative design makes this mineral powder solution better for the environment.

  • 100% Vegan, Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, Cruelty free
  • Environmentally thoughtful

      To Replace Your COLORFLO SHIMMER Cartridge:

      1. Turn bottom of the container all the way to the LEFT to unscrew cartridge - PAST the open position
      2. Remove the empty cartridge and recycle refill by turning the cartridge all the way to RIGHT to the LOCK position.
      3. To begin use of the COLORFLO brush, turn the cartridge to LEFT until you feel a CLICK. It is now in the OPEN position. 

      The best way to apply COLORFLO

      The proper way to care and wash the COLORFLO brush