Ara Midi Dress by Santeria

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100% organic cotton

Available colors: 

  • Indigo
  • Oak
  • Smoke, black and white fabric
  • Moon
  • Sea, blue and brown fabric
  • Ocean, blue and white fabric

About this piece. 

This dress by Santeria is made from 100% cotton, open weave fabric, which is slightly transparent, very soft, and light. Its dimensions are 39 3/8' long and 25 31/32' wide. We recommend that you wash it by hand with neutral soap and dry it in the shade to maintain the color. The model is 5.2 feet tall. A piece of slow fashion, for women who are looking to buy high-quality, conscious, sustainable, luxury clothing.

Measure customization. You can take advantage of our tailoring services at no extra cost, we can customize the measures at your request, and get a garment tailored for you! Specify the desired measures, your mail, order number, and contact phone number or email. You will receive a confirmation email. Please, reply to this confirmation email if anything is wrong or if you need to make other changes.

Care:  Hand wash using a mild soap, hang dry, iron on low.

Raw Materials.

Made of 100% cotton with 50% of the threads hand-spun from native cotton from the Oaxaca coast. We use white cotton and coyuchi cotton (naturally brown). Our cotton is grown by family farmers, on rain-fed plots, inter-cropped with corn and other edible plants. Agro-ecology practices are applied to increase agrobiodiversity and food security. In this way, we seek to regenerate the soil and conserve water for the future. The thread is dyed with a natural dye made from the bark of the local oak, native to the Sierra Sur.

Production Details.

This garment is made of 100% cotton, open weave fabric. The thread is handmade in partnership with our Zapotec community, by one of the 300 artisans who use a spinning wheel. The fabric is woven on the pedal loom. The thread is dyed with plants from the state of Oaxaca, by hand in our workshop. Everything is made in the homes of artisans who live in the homesteads and towns of San Sebastián Rio Hondo.