Satin Bow Headband by Floraison
Satin Bow Headband by Floraison


Satin Bow Headband by Floraison

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Satin Bow Headband by Floraison

If you love all things girly you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this gorgeous satin bow headband  that makes the most magical hair piece.


Kylie Smith

Floraison embraces femininity and strength. Floraison was inspired by Founder, Kylie Smith’s,  summer in a Tuscan Garden at a 1200th century castle. Rich in detail, flattering silhouettes, soft hues, with an emphasis on whimsical hand-painted fabrics and enchanting vintage-inspired romantic floral, and bow prints from the gardens where she sipped her morning coffee, wrote in her journal, and drank the world's best wine. It was a fairy-tale for Kylie  but it was real -- that's where she created Floraison. A fairy-tale that can be yours.  A lover of vintage, the South, and a good comfortable dress, Floraison is an extension of Kylie's world, rooted in travel and forever inspired by the Italian Cypress trees — the original Flora muse.