Santa Lucia Embroidered Guatemalan Tunic - Ivory, Champagne by Larkin Lane

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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING embroidered tunic by Larkin Lane from the mountains of Guatemala.  This style tunic (or huipil) was originally used in ceremonies and weddings. The embroidery is exquisite and features symbolism dating back to the Pre-Columbian era. The floral detail of the neckline is INCREDIBLE!

In the words of our artisan partners: 'It is an art that is, unfortunately, dying because the ladies are not wearing the ceremonial huipiles as much as they used to. Our weavers learned this art from their ancestors, so it is difficult to find someone who can weave and embroider in this style'. 

The Santa Lucia collection is made to order, so please allow three weeks for your one-of-a-kind piece to arrive. (Shipping times vary). 


Hand-woven cotton, some embroidery includes rayon.

Perspective of size: Tunic shape has a flattering drape, sleeves come belowthe  shoulders and create a cap-like, feminine sleeve. The bottom edge hits below the hips. 

Hand-woven and embroidered in Guatemala.