Rosario Wrap by Santeria

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Buttery soft and classy wrap/shawl by Santeria. The Rosario' shawl is 100% organic cotton, handwoven using a backstrap loom.

Rosario is handmade using local cotton (natural irrigation and no agrochemicals), dyes, and spinning wheels. Each one is a unique piece of art. Every piece is a combination of different yarn, in different colors, making a unique final tone.

These gorgeous pieces of art come from a Mexican community. The people in this village, live and work in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, they harvest their own yarn, naturally dye it and weave it using spinning wheels, which are handmade by local carpenters.

Each shawl has been made weaving a combination of yarn of different colors, resulting in a unique artisanal final tone. If you see the ruana in detail, you can see the different yarns woven in harmony. A piece of slow fashion, for women who are looking to buy high-quality, conscious, sustainable, luxury clothing.

Due to the artisanal process, the color may be slightly different since the garments are made to order, making each piece even more unique.

Made by Santeria in partnership with indigenous entrepreneur women from Oaxaca.

Care: handwash using a mild soap, hang to dry, iron on low.