Joy Woven Large Basket from Rwanda - Blue, Grey, White by Larkin Lane

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Handwoven by women in Rwanda, this gorgeous baskets is perfect when used as a catch-all, table decor, or hung in a grouping on a wall. (The woven hook on the back makes hanging super easy!

Every Rwandan basket has over 30,000 stitches. Each step that goes into making a basket is complex, intricate, and based on centuries of tradition. 

Your purchase supports the craftswomen who make these works of art and their families and communities. Thank you for the role you play in keeping global textile traditions alive!


Handmade in a women's weaving cooperative in Rwanda.

All-natural sisal and sweetgrass

Colors: Deep Blue, Grey, White

• Hand-stitched with over 30,000 stitches
Woven hook on back to make hanging simple
• Lightweight and durable

Dimensions: 12' x 3'