Felted Wool Bolero Jacket from Kyrgyzstan- Fuschia by Larkin Lane

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Add color, pattern, and texture to any outfit with a felted wool bolero jacket from Kyrgyzstan by Larkin Lane!

Designed and handmade by a mother-daughter artisan team, these pieces are ART TO WEAR. 

As a country where there are almost as many sheep as there are people, merino wool has been a part of the Kyrgyzstan culture for centuries. Inspired by the natural beauty of their country, the artisans combine felted wool and hand-woven silk with a soap and water solution that fuses the two materials together - or as the artisans say 'Love happens between the two materials'. 



Merino wool, Silk

All natural materials and dyes
Sheer cutout design

Made in Kyrgyzstan