Obsidian Bottle Stopper by ANNA New York

ANNA New York

Obsidian Bottle Stopper by ANNA New York

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Obsidian bottle stopper by ANNA New York

These handsome obsidian bottle stoppers feel wonderful in the hand, substantial and smooth.

They are packaged individually in a custom, hand-made, black gift box with a silver-stamped logo.

Approximately 1′ x 2.5′.


Anna Rabinowicz

I founded ANNA New York in 2002, in my grandmother’s basement in Queens, New York. It was a family business and a matriarchy from the very beginning. My mother and grandmother put the little rubber feet on the bottoms of our agate gemstone coasters, our first design, at the kitchen table. Today, we continue to be a female-owned and operated company. My daughter Talia (11) now helps me to create our new designs.