Amorcita Mexican Dress - Short Sleeve - Red, Ivory by Larkin Lane

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Combining comfort, style, and centuries of tradition by Larkin Lane, you are sure to fall in love with the Amorcita Collection. 

These timelessly chic garments are hand-crafted by a cooperative of women in Mexico. The fabric, known as "manta" is 100% cotton and is woven using ancient Mayan techniques. 

Using skills passed down through generations, the women hand-crochet the panels of fabric (or tela) together and embellish the shoulders with woven Mixtec symbols. The pleating details give the pieces a flattering shape and timeless appeal. 

Product Details:

Sizing: One Size  - comfortably fits sizes Small to Large


Hand-woven cotton


Natural fibers and dyes

Hand-crocheted details on front, back, and sleeves

Made by hand by skilled female artisans in Mexico