Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana Ordoñez in 2019 in Colombia. In 2018, Tatiana made a trip to Charalá to learn about the rich history of cotton growing, spinning and weaving in this region. During her trip, she met with Corpolienzo, a cooperative of artisans. Together, they decided to create a new line of textiles, born of the artisans’ extensive knowledge and of Tatiana’s desire to share creative, innovative textiles with the global market.

Zuahaza means “my sister” in the Muisca language of the people who lived in the Cundiboyacense mountain region of Colombia. As a social enterprise, Zuahaza strives to embody collective sisterhood between women in Colombia. Following an era of intense conflict, which continues to shape and affect Colombia today, Zuahaza seeks to participate in the peacemaking efforts to reunite and heal our country.

Zuahaza strives to connect women from across Colombia, and to create unique products that reflect our diversity, history and dreams as statements of the unity and peace to come from Colombia. This is what sisterhood means to us.


With a background in textiles from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2016) and experience in the artisan field across Latin America, Tatiana serves as the founder and head designer for Zuahaza. Her dedication to natural materials, such as natural dyes and organic fibers, underscores her advocacy for sustainable production methods. Tatiana's Colombian roots have instilled in her a profound appreciation for indigenous craftsmanship, and she cherishes the exchange of knowledge with artisan partners as an integral part of her creative process.

Veelie Alba, a proponent of using business for good, boasts a diverse career as an international educator, sales strategist, and marketing mentor. Her professional journey weaves together interdisciplinary interests in cultures, travel, business, and social impact, exemplified by her experiences with innovative organizations across various industries. As an idealist and visionary with a deep commitment to sustainability and community advancement, Veelie's work embodies her pursuit of a healthier and better world, shaped by her immigrant heritage and a passion for positive change.

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