Her Story

The story of WE THE BIRDS starts at the beginning of our lives. Founders and sisters, Sarah + Natalie, had a transient upbringing— moving often and living all over the world in many countries including Singapore, Australia, France, Venezuela and, of course, the USA.  In constant flight, we started referring to ourselves as “birds.”  

Sarah went on to study Art & French on the East Coast, and abroad in France and Australia, while Natalie studied International Business & Asian Studies on the West Coast, and abroad in Thailand and Cambodia.  After undergrad, Sarah landed in Dallas, TX and worked for Neiman Marcus as a graphic designer for the better part of 7 years. After her undergrad, Natalie ended up in Houston working in accounting and finance (while constantly daydreaming about starting a small business). In 2015, Natalie joined Sarah in Dallas, TX where we set down digital roots by founding WE THE BIRDS.

The name is a nod to our transient upbringing. What started as a blog and creative outlet for two sisters, has blossomed into a multi-faceted business combining our talents and interests. At WE THE BIRDS, we celebrate personal style & creativity while honoring our universal humanity “birdness”.

About the Brand

WE THE BIRDS is a lifestyle brand, multi-disciplinary creative agency, and specialty French macaron bakery. Founded by sisters, WE THE BIRDS is known for its inspiring visual aesthetic, personal style, global perspective, AND entertaining sister/business-partner dynamic. The sisters/founders grew up living all over the world. The ‘WE THE BIRDS philosophy’ was built on these global experiences. Wherever we found ourselves, we could count on seeing birds in the sky— the birds served as a metaphor that despite cultural differences, there is always something universal tying humans together. Our mission at WE THE BIRDS is to HONOR the universal human experience (which unites us) while CELEBRATING the differences that make each of us uniquely beautiful. Same but different; we’re all birds. This is the founding philosophy and the values behind our brand and its name.

WE THE BIRDS Macarons was born out of our shared love of culinary and visual arts. What started as a hobby for founder, Natalie, has organically grown into the national online bakery we operate now. Macarons have become one of our preferred artistic mediums… tiny, edible blank canvases. Our macarons are inspired by seasonal flavors, fashion runways, and design trends. Edible art is our specialty.