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Sophisticated yet sexy, stunning yet simple, subtle yet eye-catching - these are the core characteristics of Monica Nera. Monica Nera's essential color combinations and style edits provide a foundational capsule for every woman.

 Monica Nera's fabrics are indeed the heart of the brand, enveloping the skin with a distinct sensation. Sourced entirely from Europe, Monica Nera's signature cotton, produced in Portugal, is indispensable to every collection. The luxurious silks, crafted in Italy, distinguish Monica Nera's high-end collection.

At Monica Nera, the focus is on how a woman wishes to feel in her real, everyday clothing, regardless of the time of day or night, or the changing of days. Monica Nera has consistently infused pleasantly surprising details into the designs: hemlines that bounce with a swishing fullness, delicate and intricate detailing, and feminine cuts that flatter every woman. A single glance is enough to identify that dress or top as a Monica Nera piece.

With each new season, the color palettes enhance Monica Nera's core collection, maximizing the reuse and longevity of the most cherished items. Monica Nera advocates for "fewer, better things" by stylistically melding current and previous collections together.


Monica, the Creative Director and Designer of Monica Nera, is the driving force and public face of the brand. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, she proudly carries her heritage, and her love for travel is apparent. More recently, the heart of the United Kingdom, London, has captured her affections, and the verdant Cheshire has become the base for Monica Nera's UK operation.

Monica Nera's brand foundations are deeply rooted in the philosophy of slow fashion, encouraging better purchases, buying less, and crafting timeless designs that evoke emotion. Each garment from Monica Nera feels special each and every time a woman wears it. With a focus on contemporary and timeless designs, Monica Nera caters to confident, creative, and conscious women. Drawing inspiration from global travels and female empowerment, the brand prioritizes the needs of women, aiming to make them feel both feminine and comfortable. Sustainability and ethical standards are at the core of Monica Nera's mission, as they keep production in-house with a team of skilled seamstresses and exclusively use eco-certified fabrics. By minimizing waste and embracing a made-to-order approach, each Monica Nera piece incorporates fabric leftovers for bows, belts, and ties. Join the movement towards conscious fashion by shopping Monica Nera.

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