Mended operates as a social impact brand with a mission to economically empower survivors of bonded labor slavery in South Asia. The team comprises 23 artisans, with plans to expand to 35 soon, all of whom are survivors fully trained in the art of hand block printing. Collaborating closely with these artisans, Mended crafts exquisite block printed home goods and accessories, catering to the conscientious global consumer 


In the fall of 2019, Mallory Martin embarked on her first trip to the stunning region of South Asia. At the time, she was working with an international non-profit, leading a group of supporters to witness the work being done to rescue and restore victims of modern-day slavery. For years, Mallory had passionately narrated redemptive survivor stories, but meeting these survivors face to face left an indelible impact. These resilient individuals had triumphed over unimaginable adversity, having been rescued from harrowing violence and granted the gift of freedom. It became apparent that their path toward securing sustainable and consistent employment was riddled with challenges. Each survivor and family bore their unique narratives and circumstances, yet all shared an unyielding determination to overcome the horrors they had endured.

In the spring of 2020, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mallory learned about a small group of survivors who had taken to sewing masks for their community, facing economic hardships in their pursuit of providing for their families. Spontaneously, she decided to purchase masks from these survivors to share with family and friends, contemplating the feasibility of a cross-border collaboration. When she received 1,000 exquisite masks, it became evident that more could be achieved. The desire to convey the survivors' stories to those unaware on the opposite side of the globe and contribute to their restoration by offering sustainable employment opportunities grew stronger.

On September 1st, 2020, Mallory's journey led her to the world of block printing, sparking the birth of Mended. Mended, established as a social impact for-profit LLC, emerged from her commitment to address the economic empowerment gap faced by survivors in South Asia. Since that transformative day, she has diligently trained 23 survivor artisans in the intricate art of block printing. Mended's dedication is unwavering as they continue to fulfill orders for block-printed textiles, providing above-market compensation and livelihoods for their survivor-turned-artisan partners. This is only the beginning of her remarkable journey.


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