Her Story

In 2014, Lauren and her roommate Anna Beth, were discussing dry shampoo options in their apartment when it became apparent to them that dry shampoo options without propane or butane didn’t exist, and specifically didn’t exist for Lauren’s brunette twin sister, Brittany. The dilemma seemed small, but it made them both realize a bigger issue– most of their friends were still buying personal care products that had toxic chemicals in them, and there was nothing that seemed to motivate them to change their habits. So Lauren and Anna Beth began to experiment with making their own toxin-free dry shampoo intent on making such a great product that their friends would buy it– even if they didn’t care about toxins. Soon after, Brittany and her husband Shaun joined the quest to turn this small apartment experiment into a business with a distinct mission: To inspire the world to raise the standard for personal care. For years, Stranded had one product, a toxin-free dry shampoo hair powder in three colors: blonde, brunette and redhead and word started to spread that Stranded’s dry shampoo was uniquely effective–even for people who didn’t know what a toxin was. Most recently, Stranded has created another uniquely effective product, a hand sanitizing lotion that is naturally rich with nourishing benefits and also an FDA approved sanitizer. Lauren, Anna Beth and Brittany are still at the reins of the company– running Stranded like a real family endeavor with a small team of family and friends that might as well be family.
We often forget that people are driven by desire more than intellect– and oftentimes inspiration is just as powerful a motivator as education. Stranded has a clear mission to inspire the world to raise the standard for personal care– giving people a desire to choose personal care products that are naturally rich with benefits and free from harmful chemicals. The Stranded brand appeals to our innate sense of beauty, goodness and truth by creating beautifully designed products that use the highest quality ingredients and by being transparent about what’s in each of its products.