Jenn Hill, ZENJENN


A beauty routine has always been important to me. It is the ritual that helps me feel balanced and grounded in this crazy world we live in! I began making my own skincare products when I was just a kid, mimicking recipes from magazines and raiding my parents' pantry for ingredients. It started with making hair and face masks, moving through to bath salts and skincare as I grew older. Over time, I refined my skills by learning more about the ingredients in my product, which had once so humbly started with clay and essential oils from my local drug store. Word slowly got out about my hobby, and by the time I got to college friends would always shower at my place to use my latest concoctions! These days I might be a working mama, but I still carve out time for a daily self-care routine. It could be anything from a luxurious bath and face mask, to the more typical quick exfoliation and body oil. Either way, it is a part of me, and it will forever be a joy knowing that I can share this part of me with the rest of the world.

About the Brand

ZENJENN is a beauty and skincare line made only with ingredients cultivated from Mother Earth. Each product is designed with a holistic perspective, meaning it services the mind, body and soul. The essential oils used are all therapeutic grade, and many are organic. The quality of essential oils ensures that you get the full benefits of that plant's medicine. The clays used in ZENJENN are derived from an array of different Continents, each with their own profile of minerals and nutrients specific to different needs. Many of the products in this line are steeped in ancient herbalism techniques. Harnessing the power of plants in their most whole form to work with our body and system gently and naturally.