Her Story

We are sisters first, business partners second. We often joke that we have been working together since diapers; from lemonade stands and selling Girl Scout cookies growing up, to working side-by-side at a Fortune 100 company post college, to starting Birdie, we’re each others’ tried-and-true.

After Elizabeth had her first baby in 2015 and started the transition back to work, she quickly found herself overwhelmed with the pressures that come with being a new mom while maintaining a career, and realized she needed more margin in her life. Simultaneously, like all great dynamic-duos, Gabrielle was working 80+ hour weeks and, like so many women, was feeling the weight of the corporate world with no time to care for herself.

So we came together to start Birdie - the first, clean on-location beauty services app with a mission to bring the future of beauty to women everywhere, today.

About the Brand

Birdie is the first, clean on-location beauty service that uses propriety app technology, curated looks, non- toxic products, and highly trained and vetted professionals to provide on-location beauty treatments. Birdie currently offers hair services including blowouts, styling, cuts and trims. It is available in the iOS app store and is flying in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and Charleston, SC. Birdie is expanding both service offerings and service locations, with over 30 new metros on the horizon. Taking time off of work, being away from family, hiring a babysitter, fighting traffic, paying above industry prices, rearranging schedules, and sacrificing for your beauty routine is a thing of the past. Birdie is the future. Today.