I was born in Haiti and raised in US. As a Caribbean woman, nature has always been captivating to me. And learning how to nourish myself from nature - in real backyard-to-table fashion - is a part of my upbringing that will never leave me. This deep reverence for nature is indelibly embedded in Fanm Mon.  I also grew up in a nurturing environment of strong Haitian women. My montage of childhood memories are drenched with an absorbable feminine presence. Fashion was at the heart of this feminine aura and every special occasion required a trip to the local seamstress. I often went to fittings with my Grandmother and Aunts and I would see how these bespoke pieces had such a sensual impact on women. This spirit of couture is at the core of my brand. And so from a young age, I had an appreciation for craftsmanship, a huge love affair with nature, and a deep sense of community. In the world of Fanm Mon, I try to create harmony among it all.