With my own frustrating experiences with sticky bras, and after watching my friends and sisters have similar frustrating experiences, I thought there must be a solution to this, and if there isn't, I am going to create one. Sticky bras lose adhesion easily, get dirty, and fall of when you least expect it.

To combat these issues, I thought to create a sticky bra with replaceable adhesives. I thought of this idea in High School and it wasn't until my junior year in college (Spring 2017) when it resurfaced. I studied Business & Entrepreneurship at Brown and took a class called “The Entrepreneurial Process”. Through this class, we learned all about starting a company through doing close readings on entrepreneurial case studies. As part of the class, we were split into teams to come up with an idea- a product or service that solves a customer pain point- and to create a full fledged business plan. I pitched this idea and my team was on board. I worked alongside my classmates in a business team of six to transform the idea of the “Reliabra” (now, Perkies) into an opportunity, an opportunity that is now a commercial reality. After I graduated, with some wind behind my back through pitch competition success, I decided to bring this idea to life!