Cashmerism's compelling brand narrative unfolds at the crossroads of family tradition and an unwavering commitment to ethical craftsmanship. The brand's journey begins in the challenging climates of Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, where the very essence of cashmere is shaped by the natural moulting process of the resilient goats. This intricate sourcing process ensures not only superior softness but also the longevity of each meticulously crafted piece.

From the initial conceptualization of a design to the final product, every step in the creation of a Cashmerism garment is infused with hands-on care. Their family-run factory, with a legacy extending over three decades, stands as a testament to their dedication to ethical production practices. Here, workers are not just employees but valued members, receiving a comprehensive range of benefits including wages, social security, pension funds, maternity leave, sick pay, and medical insurance.

Environmental stewardship is deeply embedded in the brand's ethos, as evidenced by their waste water plant and the lush foliage covering over 50% of the factory's land. This commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere practice; it is a reflection of Cashmerism's acknowledgment of their place within the intricate cycles of nature.

Cashmerism extends a heartfelt invitation to embrace their garments as more than just fashion; they are expressions of compassion, mindfulness, and a profound appreciation for the interconnected cycles of the natural world. Each piece from Cashmerism is not just a garment; it's a wearable testament to a heritage, a philosophy, and a lifestyle that transcends time.


Cashmerism, founded by Sabrina Jiang and rooted in a distinguished family legacy spanning over 30 years, is more than a brand – it's a testament to the philosophy and lifestyle inherent in the world of cashmere. Beyond being a luxurious material, cashmere, for Cashmerism, signifies a way of life. This Melbourne-based brand seamlessly intertwines sumptuous, timeless designs with the unparalleled quality of the finest cashmere. Nestled within their design studio in Melbourne, Sabrina Jiang draws inspiration from diverse global cultures, resulting in a meticulous curation of intentional and enduring pieces that aim to elevate the unique style of each individual.


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