Lothar Schafer honed his skills in maroquinerie in his native Offenbach, Germany, during the 1950s. Travels to Egypt would bring him to meet his future wife Denise, of Frano-Italian and Lebanese descent. Together, they embarked upon a journey down the continent, bringing classical European skills and influence along with them.  In Cape Town, the family built a business set to last generations. Today, the family oversee over 80 South African artisans and continue to instill the unwavering quality, pursuit of beauty and age-old traditions of the handcraft brought to them all by Lothar and Denise.

Lothar and Denise’s legacy continues to thrive in the hands of their sons Robert, second-generation master artisan with over 4 decades of experience and Richard, whom heads up the sales department of the business. Their granddaughter Justine, a graduate of Parsons New York, joined the company nine years ago to rise through the ranks, becoming the Creative Director of their in-house brand.