Jamie O’Banion is Founder and CEO of BeautyBio, one of the fastest growing skincare lines in North America. After working alongside her father in their family-owned cosmetic lab developing innovative ingredients for some of the top prestige and professional skincare brands, she witnessed several brands using minimal concentrations of active ingredients to save on costs but still make clinical consumer claims. Jamie founded BeautyBio with a commitment to transparency and education to empower consumers with knowledge and science-backed results. After launching an award-winning retinol system, BeautyBio debuted the first ever patented at-home microneedling tool, GloPRO®, that not only made waves in the industry, but helped steer the burgeoning conversation about at-home self-care. BeautyBio’s edited collection is now sold globally at prestige retailers such as Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Harrods. GloPRO® has received Allure’s coveted Best of Beauty award and BeautyBio received the prestigious Product of the Year award from WWD. Jamie was recently awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in personal care. Jamie resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three children.

“Have grace with yourself throughout those periods of time that can stretch you – no pun intended!” I spent my childhood concocting potions in my bathtub, and tinkering away with my father, Dr. Terry James, in his laboratory. Those were incredible moments when I was absorbing and learning so much that I probably didn’t even realize at the time. In 2008, I started what would become Beauty Bio with my father, a cosmetics company championing clinically proven, scientifically founded products. From a very young age, I just fell in love with beauty and this idea you could use a certain tool or product and change how you looked. I spend hours in the lab fine-tuning and tweaking products. To me, chemistry is exciting — the magic of being able to see something react to produce something completely out of the box: Two plus two equals five, or equals circle. There is always that mentality of pushing the limit, to get you into uncharted territory. My big break was debuting the RetinoSyn-45 serum live on HSN. I was unsure how the market would react to our product, so I brought only 3,000 units with me. We sold completely out in 24 hours.