Her Story:

I founded Corazon Playero in 2018. This concept of custom made hats, “wearable art” came to my mind after I had my second girl. I was a stay at home mom and even though I loved my girls I missed working. Since I was a little kid, I remember I had a passion for fashion, clothing and accessories and also for designing.

I came up with this idea of creating different unique pieces. Just because we are all different! 
Specially living in Cabo where we really need to take cover from the sun  I thought we should do it in a unique way! Bright, fun and colorful! 
I started this business selling hats to friends and family and would sell in different pop ups and farmer’s markets in town. 
What started as a hobby for me, has taken a life as it’s own and I’m very grateful and excited to see how far it can go.