Flash back to 2016 I was a student at Ohio State, living in downtown Columbus, OH, (my hometown) and incredibly inspired by the mass amount of urbanization happening and this great sense of liveliness all over the city, which is still happening today. I was watching my hometown further adapt to becoming a place where boundaries were being eliminated and you could work, live, work out and of course play right out of your doorstep and once you left one could spend all day wondering and exploring. Flash forward a couple years, I am living and working in NYC where the “on-the-go” lifestyle is in no ways new, my favorite hobby was to attend workout classes and grab dinner with friends after, which I quickly realized this was a city that not only did you want pieces that made you feel confident but needed functionality more than ever as quick stop at home between activities was never really that simple. Queue the brand concept of Urban Luxe Lifestyles, which stemmed from the idea of fluid moments and wanting to reduce the pain in the transitional moments, find solutions to keep one moving and creating ease between all the things one sets out to do in a day, to live life to the fullest and literally not sweat the small things. The up and coming, the constant desire for evolution, the desire to eliminate barriers, that is what inspired Urban Luxe Lifestyles. Our goal is to translate these aspirations into reality by curating and creating highly functional yet trendy athleisure pieces to serve multiple purposes and help others achieve fluidity and balance in all aspects of life. So, thank you to the cities that shaped the vision of Urban Luxe Lifestyles thus far, and to the cities we haven’t met yet, we can’t wait to be inspired by you.