Her Story

Clean living and natural healing have always been an important part of my life. After becoming a mother, I knew that everything I put in my body also went to my babies. During a time when lack of sleep leads to even more stress, examining my routines became top of mind. After researching the world of wellness for ages, I decided it was time to create a line of clean products to help others naturally manage their own stress and well-being. Born out of the desire to help others find balance, Level is my 4th baby, of which I’m extremely proud.

About the Brand

We built Level’s suite of products for the conscious consumer. In our personal lives, we are wellness advocates with a deep respect for nature and its ability to offer healing. Our signature organic products are designed to help you find balance. We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients, and are so obsessed with transparency that we provide 3rd party lab testing on every one of our products.Level’s mission is to empower you to push your limits by improving your physical and mental wellness. We believe you deserve better, and we’re here to deliver.