Meet the women

Karina Perez Marconi


“Inspired by cultural tradition, I was determined to merge my dynamic background with my passion for ingenuity to create the perfect antidote to aging skin.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I watched my elders’ rich beauty traditions and how they took pride in even the simplest of daily routines. After I moved to Paris, I saw how the French women defined effortless beauty. Upon moving back to the US, I was fortunate to work for Chanel which defines its brand with timeless elegance. Ultimately, I learned that there was a need for a new type of beauty regimen that was effortless, transparent and harnessed the power of tradition and science.

The current offerings in the clean beauty market did not line up with my active, family-focused lifestyle. I needed something effective, clean and absolutely gorgeous; something that provided joy as it was applied. I wanted an antidote in less than three steps, so I created it.

Antedotum was designed with the intent to cultivate skin health using regenerative and holistic products. It offers results with the highest efficacy and without compromise.”

Karina Perez Marconi, Founder and CEO

The Origin

Backed by science and powered by nature. Your antidote. Antedotum offers plant-powered products that are both holistic and efficacious. They look to flora and fauna for key ingredients that are used by Colorado’s indigenous people. In doing so, they discovered Aspen Bark—an antidote to aging and unbalanced skin that has been used for everything from healing to sun protection. Their proprietary Aspen Bark Complex encompasses THD Ascorbate (Vitamin C) and the purest form of skin nourishing oils. It is through these unique ingredients that Antedotum have formulated products created to combat the challenges of high altitude and the urban jungle. Each presents its own set of extreme conditions: harsh weather, pollution, UVA and UVB light exposure, and the stresses of modern life.