March 28th, 2023

The HerStory Gallery
Featuring Loot Rentals


The HerStory Gallery is more than just an exhibition of wearable art - it's a celebration of generations of craftsmanship and a showcase of luxury products designed by women around the globe. HerStory's mission is to invite customers to experience the stories behind each piece, and for that, they needed a space that would allow customers to not only browse but truly immerse themselves in the beauty of the collection.

To create an inviting and cozy space, HerStory teamed up with Loot Rentals - a female-founded boutique event rental company based in DFW and Austin. Loot Rentals is known for their design-forward approach and specially-curated collection of unique pieces.

The brand's core mission is to enhance human connection through inspiring spaces, which aligns perfectly with HerStory's vision. Rhoda Brimberry and Anna Crelia, the sister-in-law duo behind Loot Rentals, took on the challenge of furnishing and decorating the HerStory Gallery. Their goal was to create a warm and welcoming space where customers could sit, hang out, and enjoy the wearable art around them. They achieved this by designing cozy areas with comfortable seating and eye-catching decor that perfectly complemented the collection.

At Loot Rentals, celebrations are about more than just commemorating an occasion - they're about forming connections, creating community, and embracing inspiration. Whether it's a corporate event or a backyard gathering, Loot Rentals provides a distinctive and design-forward approach to event rentals that adds a touch of magic to every occasion. They believe that they're not just creating the atmosphere for their clients' celebrations - they're also forming the backdrop to some of their most treasured memories.By teaming up with Loot Rentals, HerStory was able to create a space that perfectly captures the essence of the collection. The HerStory Gallery is not just a place to shop - it's a space to connect, create memories, and celebrate the stories of women around the world.

About Loot Rentals

Whether your introduction to Loot was at an event, via social media or a magazine, a referral from a friend, or just stumbling upon the website, it’s pretty simple at first glance to see what they offer: a specially-curated collection of beautiful, unique pieces, and a distinctive, design-forward approach to event rentals.Their pieces shine at high-profile events like SXSW and the Austin City Limits Music Fest, at both intimate and lavish weddings and parties, corporate events, in television pilots and magazine shoots, and then at families’ Thanksgiving tables. All of which Loot is equally proud to be a part of. What began as now at the HerStory Gallery. Many years, and thousands of events, milestones, and memories later, the team at Loot strives each day to create spaces that allow their clients – couples, families, companies, and more – to tell their own one-of-a-kind stories.

Founder's Story

It was 2010 in Austin, TX, and Loot founder Anna was a bride-to-be, in full-on planning mode. Struggling to find the tabletop and décor rentals to complete her vision for the big day, she enlisted the help of her brother’s wife, Rhoda – a fellow lover of great design and of the thrill of the hunt. They scoured flea markets, estate sales, and antique malls in both Austin and the DFW metroplex for the perfect pieces, eventually succeeding in bringing the look to life. Then, the dilemma: what to do with all these treasures now that they’ve had their moment in the spotlight?

Well, Loot’s roots were planted even before Anna’s honeymoon was over. Recognizing the opportunity to serve a niche design-focused market also longing to infuse their own vision into their special events, Rhoda and Anna joined forces to fill the gap and create one of the first boutique rental companies in the country. And so, the “Loot Look” was born. From vintage to new, marrying form with function, and capturing the down-to-earth, yet free spirit of modern design.

If you're in Fort Worth, make sure to visit the HerStory Gallery in Sundance Square to experience the stunning collection of Loot Rentals pieces. Be sure to take a seat in the Loot Lounge located at the center of the gallery, enjoy a drink from the beautiful green bar provided by Loot, and immerse yourself in the stories behind the wearable art crafted by women from all around the world.We couldn't have brought the HerStory Gallery to life without the support of a community of incredible women, and we're deeply grateful for the Loot ladies who helped turn our vision into reality.

Their design-forward approach and specially-curated collection of unique pieces created a warm and welcoming space for our customers to enjoy.If you're looking to enhance your next event, we highly recommend checking out the HerStory Gallery collection from Loot Rentals. Their commitment to creating inspiring spaces that foster connection and community is evident in every piece they offer. So, whether it's a corporate event, wedding, or backyard gathering, let Loot Rentals help you create an unforgettable experience that celebrates your unique story.